EyeVision 3 with New PlugIn System

PlugIn_puzzle-KopieThe EyeVision 3 machine vision software is more flexible than ever. With the new plugin concept, third party software such as Halcon, Open CV or the Euresys library can be integrated into the EyeVision software library.

Using the new SDK for plugin development, it is easy to integrate evaluation routines into EyeVision. EyeVision supports x86 Windows, Linux, as well as ARM based Linux systems.

With the GUI designer and only a few mouse clicks, the user can open their own routines or the library routines of a third party maker without special programming skills.

Also the standard communication components allows easy integration into SCADA and PLC systems. This means, for example, that the OPC standard can use EyeVision software as an OPC server. With that the accumulated data (measurement data, position, etc.) can be sent to a client.

Additionally, the new Webshop from EVT makes it possible to offer plugins directly to other EyeVision software users.

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