FSI Offers High Speed 3D Imaging from Automation Technology

AT- C5 Series
FSI Technologies Inc. now offers high speed 3D imaging sensors, cameras and systems from Automation Technology GmbH. Automation Technology’s series of 3D components and all-in-one systems for rapid three-dimensional measurement are based on the latest laser-scanning triangulation algorithm.
At the heart of the product range are the CX series of high-speed 3D cameras. By offering these products, FSI will enable our customers to perform industrial inspection tasks with greater accuracy and efficiency and at lower costs. Thanks to the intelligent way the camera processes the image data, CX technology allows rates of measurement not previously attained. Typical usese include inspection, measurement and grading applications.
C5 - CS (all-in-one) Series

The products are available for separate purchase, or as part of a complete machine vision system. Call FSI today or visit AT.fsinet.com to see how these new 3D products can be used in your inspection applications.