New NeuroCheck 6.1 Service Pack 1

NeuroCheck 6.1 Service Pack 1The first service pack for NeuroCheck software version 6.1 is now available. It introduces several new features and improvements making the NeuroCheck software even more powerful, flexible and efficient. The most important features of service pack 1 are:

  • Support for new Microsoft operating system Windows 10
  • New driver for ultra-high resolution GigE cameras of NCLG series featured with 12 MP resp. 20 MP resolution
  • Software module for Modbus-TCP protocol, hence saving the cost for an Industrial Ethernet board
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Basler NeuroCheck Driver

The Basler NeuroCheck Driver is a new adapter allowing Basler cameras to work with NeuroCheck (Version 6.1 and up) imaging processing software. Once the driver has been decompressed and installed, our Basler cameras are compatible with NeuroCheck on all 32 and 64-bit Windows systems.
The Basler NeuroCheck Driver can be downloaded for free from our download area.

NeuroCheck Version 6.1 Available

NeuroCheck version 6.1NeuroCheck 6.1, the latest generation of the configurable machine vision software with numerous new features and enhancements, is now available. For the development of 6.1, the focus was on integrating new sensors and camera components, modern communication interfaces and further simplification of operation. For example, sensors are now available that generate a height image using triangulation, a stereo camera or structured light, which can then be evaluated by NeuroCheck 6.1.

These innovations add 3D image processing and robotics, data base applications and communication using established Industrial Ethernet protocols to the range of applications for the software. Thus, NeuroCheck 6.1 is in an ideal position to offer solutions for the seamless integration into complex, networked production facilities with highly dynamic target values and machine to machine communication.

image processing platformThe success story of the NeuroCheck machine vision software began in 1993 with the development and marketing of the first product for industrial image processing on a PC platform where the user is not required to have any programming skills to create an image processing solution. Within an interactive development environment, an entire inspection system can be created and parameterized using various functions without writing a single line of code.

The new features of version 6.1 represent a further development of the image processing platform. Many important dialogs in NeuroCheck 6.1 offer an even higher degree of convenience for the user. The improvements result in increased productivity and efficiency with regard to creating, starting-up and maintenance of machine vision applications.

NeuroCheck Compact Camera

NeuroCheck Compact CameraThe new smart vision camera “NeuroCheck Compact” combines camera and PC technology inside a small rugged IP67 protection class metal housing.
The self-contained vision system provides industrial grade inspection capability. Available in a wide range of models to cover all vision application areas. The image processing software NeuroCheck is installed on a SSD disc.
The NeuroCheck Compact camera is designed to communicate with all PLCs, master controllers and proprietary factory controls by Ethernet or an external digital I/O module.
Now you can run the same interface across your entire factory, on smart cameras and PC based vision applications offering complete scalability.
Please find here the NeuroCheck Compact camera data sheet.

NeuroCheck Training in November

NeuroCheckJoin the engineers of FSI Technologies Inc. for our next round of Machine Vision/NeuroCheck software training. Classes will run November 5-7th in the western Chicago suburbs. Material covered will include machine vision “basics”, an overview of system hardware, lighting and lens selection, as well as NeuroCheck software tools, programming and example applications. For more information about our seminars contact FSI Customer Service at 1-800-468-6009 or go to

Service Pack 6 for NeuroCheck 6.0 now available for download

The sixth service pack for NeuroCheck 6.0 is now available. It introduces several new features making the software more powerful and flexible. Furthermore SP6 offers a large number of improvements that speed  up automatic operation and make your daily work with NeuroCheck even more efficient. For more info. click

SP 6  for NC 6.0

Running NeuroCheck 6.0 on Windows 8

Running NC 6.0 on Windows 8As expected, due to its modern software architecture, NeuroCheck 6.0 installs and runs smoothly on Windows 8. As on Windows 7, it shows good run-time performance and RAM requirements.

However, despite successful testing, NeuroCheck does not recommend using Windows 8 for the time being. The reason, from their point of view, is the poor usability of Windows 8 on desktop and industrial PCs.

Machine Vision new look

MV HomeWe’ve improved the Machine Vision side of the FSI website and are sure you’ll be pleased with the results. On the newly designed Machine Vision Home Page, you’ll find information about FSI’s products and services including hardware and software, solutions and complete systems, research, engineering and training. We’ve added more detailed spec sheets on our application specific systems. You’ll find additional downloads, data sheets and brochures on the Downloads page. You can check out the component options available in machine vision Lighting, Lenses and Cameras. Finally, there is even an expanded section of the site dedicated to NeuroCheck Software. This includes detailed case studies and Service Pack downloads from years past. Spend some time browsing this side of the FSI website (, you’ll be glad you did!

NeuroCheck 6.0 – Upgraded Matching Capabilities

NeuroCheck LogoMany people recognize NeuroCheck as a pioneer in rotary template matching for machine vision. NeuroCheck 6.0 features upgrades to this tool that make the software even more powerful. Specifically, the software can not only locate randomly oriented objects, it can locate the object, move/orient tools for inspection and transmit the mathematical data associated with the adjustment of the tool to subsequent tools being used in the inspection. As a result, multiple steps in the program (which were previously required) are now unnecessary, making for a smarter, simpler inspection program. Thank you NeuroCheck 6.0!