EyeVision for Inspection of Laser Markings on Medical Products

Schere_mit_DMCMedical products undergo a number of quality and safety inspections and have explicit markings and identification. EyeVision image processing software is often used to inspect markings on medical products. A camera inspection system consisting of an EyeCheck smart camera, which includes EyeVision software, can be integrated permanently into the laser marker head, ensuring an accompanying image capture for verification and validation of the quality.

EyeVision software can read markings such as:

  •  alphanumeric characters such as serial numbers, date specification, etc.
  •  complex codes such as bar codes, 1D and 2D Data Matrix Codes (DMC)
  • company and brand logos

EyeVision software inspects the markings, ensuring consistent quality. Also, the contents of the codes can be inspected. The software includes commands for code reading as well as pattern matching, position, and measurement technology. This is especially important as the code is used for the product identification, traceability, product safety and quality.

The EyeCheck smart cameras are available in various variations and can be equipped according the production process and production line, with diverse sensors and lenses. All EyeCheck smart cameras have one thing in common: the EyeVision software. The software can be mastered in no time at all without special programming skills. Due to the drag-and-drop function and the self-explanatory graphical user interface, inspection programs can be created easily for reading complex codes and characters.

EyeCheck Smart Camera – the Eye for the Robot

Throughout the world robots are used for applications such as packaging, soldering, adhesive bonding, coating, etc. The robots are usually equipped with smart cameras, such as the EyeCheck 1000 series from EVT. Due to the recent advances in image processing, application areas have increased.

Roboter_mit_EyeCheckEyeCheck Smart camera series from EVT offers a combination of a camera and Eye Vision evaluation and processing software. The camera housing contains the lens (the user can chose between 6 mm, 12 mm and 25 mm lenses) and the illumination (available in different colors). The EyeCheck 1000 is available in various resolutions, from 782 x 485 pixel up to 1280 x 1024 pixel, and contains the full command set of EyeVision software.

The EyeCheck systems can be used for robot positioning and object detection, custom-made solutions for position correction, and can be mounted onto articulated robots. The moving or stationary objects are illuminated with the camera-based LEDs. Thanks to the robust evaluation algorithms, EyeVision software delivers reliable results even in difficult environments.

EyeVision software also has commands for code reading, color and surface inspection as well as commands for measuring objects. The system is configured and controlled by the user via the graphical user interface. The drag-and-drop programming allows an easy adjustment to different objects. EyeVision software can be connected to an external computer or the control system of a plant via Ethernet or PROFINET. Applications such as position control can be used in combination with inspection, measurement and identification tasks.

EyeVision supports
Adlink NEON-1040

EyeVision supports Adlink NEON-1040
The EyeVision image processing software from EVT now supports the smart camera NEON-1040 by ADLINK. The camera features 4 Megapixel, a frame rate of 60 fps, a global shutter sensor and the Intel Atom quad core 1.9 GHz processor.
Its robust housing is IP67-rated and the quad core CPU increases the computing power of the camera. The FPGA coprocessors and GPU in combination with the EyeVision 3.0 software deliver advanced image processing. This hardware and EyeVision software bundle exceeds the capabilities of conventional image processing.
The EyeVision software support and API compatibility enable easy migration from original x86 platforms and also reduces the time to market.
EyeVision supports Adlink NEON-1040
In addition, the camera is GeniCam, GenTL, Open CV and Open CL compatible.
The extremely fast smart camera with global shutter sensor is ideal for precise high-speed moving object inspection, such as verification of pill or tablet quality, blister pack contents, and label information and/or bar codes. With its M12 connectors, the NEON-1040 camera resists harsh environments, withstanding damage from moisture and contaminants. With powerful quad core computing and FPGA image pre-processing, the camera can process multiple complex inspection tasks simultaneously, and its open architecture x86 based application ready platform simplifies programming of customized inspection applications and use of existing x86 software without requiring new coding language expertise.

EyeVision software is available in Basic, Standard or Professional version. Also,special command sets such as OCR/OCV, Barcode, DMC or QR Code reading are available.

EyeCheck Smart Cameras with PROFINET option

EyeCheck Smart Cameras with PROFINET optionEVT, a global player in machine vision technology, announces that the EyeCheck smart camera series now supports PROFINET, a high level network for industrial automation applications. PROFINET defines a network structure for exchanging data, alarms and diagnostics with programmable controllers and other automation controllers on the factory floor. It is the open automation standard for these complex challenges.
PROFINET is compatible with TCP/IP and offers industrial protocols for real time data transmission. The combination of Profinet and EyeCheck smart cameras fulfills all the real-time demands relevant to the automation world, and is well-suited for sophisticated applications, such as those in motion control.
Advantages for machine vision with EyeCheck smart cameras with Profinet include:

  • data transmission of high-resolution images over high-speed connections without impacting production speeds.
  • the ability to span longer physical distances.
  • using point-to-point connectivity over Ethernet hubs.
  • allowing manufacturers to remove control systems and PCs from the floor and co-locate them in a controlled environment.
  • remote device management which allows tasks on the smart camera (including troubleshooting) to be controlled from anywhere a network connection is available.

The EyeCheck smart camera is a highly integrated optical inspection tool for controlling quality and to increase productivity. It comprises all the elements of an industrial machine vision system in a tiny smart camera style package.

EyeVision 3 with Electrically Tunable Lens

EyeVision 3 With Electrically Tunable LensEVT presents the new EyeCheck smart camera with an electrically tunable lens by Optotune.
Flexible and fast focusing solutions with electrically tunable lenses are highly beneficial for machine vision applications such as quality control, packet sorting, bar code reading, etc. In traditional setups, the adjustment for objects at different working distances is realized mechanically. With the shape changing polymer lenses, refocusing can be achieved in milliseconds without any mechanical translation involved, enabling compact, robust and dust free optical systems.
EyeVision 3.0 also supports the Optotune lenses and is therefore suitable for fast changing applications. The software even offers an extra command in the graphical user interface. With the new plug-in the user is able to create commands and insert them in the EyeVision GUI.
This new feature of EyeVision 3.0 software offers the user advantages such as time savings, higher accuracy and a compact visual system.

The RazerCam, now with M12 cables and DIN rail module

Razer Cam
The RazerCam smart camera by EVT now is equipped with M12 cables and easy-to-integrate DIN rail modules as well as PoE (Power over Ethernet) power supply.
With the newest version, the RazerCam is available with industrial connector in M12 and includes two DIN rail modules for easy integration.
Of course the latest LINUX C/C++ API is available for programming. Therefore, image processing solutions can be done quickly and easily. A ready-to-use tool chain in a virtual machine allows the user to start programming immediately.
For the integrator the RazerCam is available as EyeCheck 4xxx series with the latest EyeVision3 software. The EyeVision software is programmed via a simple drag and drop user interface.
For the advanced user, EyeVision offers a plug-in which allows the user to integrate his own algorithms into the software.

The EVT Road Show Chicago/Lombard- Machine Vision Seminar Sponsored by FSI Technologies Inc.

Chicago/Lombard: Thursday, September 4, 2014

Seminar is Free, but registration is required.

EyeVision is the one software for your vision application. EyeVision software:

  • offers Drag-and-Drop Programming and a graphical user interface (GUI)
  • supports all hardware platform: vision sensors, smart cameras, embedded & PC systems with GigE, FireWire, USB, Camera Link, CoaXpress, and analog
  • for LINUX, Windows and Mac OS X
  • EVT is the first to offer the newest machine vision technology in software & hardware

The EVT Road Show is the way to see and learn about the latest and newest in nearly every area of machine vision technology development.

iZControl – Control Unit for the RazerCam

iZControlWith the iZControl Control Unit by EVT, the control for the mouse, keyboard, monitor and mass storage fits into a small box that is directly fastened to the monitor, so it takes up no extra space. The IZControl is about 2” x 3” and can be used with the RazerCam as well as the EyeCheck smart camera series. You can run the RazerCam as a standalone system with a monitor; no PC or Laptop is necessary for programming.

NeuroCheck Compact Camera

NeuroCheck Compact CameraThe new smart vision camera “NeuroCheck Compact” combines camera and PC technology inside a small rugged IP67 protection class metal housing.
The self-contained vision system provides industrial grade inspection capability. Available in a wide range of models to cover all vision application areas. The image processing software NeuroCheck is installed on a SSD disc.
The NeuroCheck Compact camera is designed to communicate with all PLCs, master controllers and proprietary factory controls by Ethernet or an external digital I/O module.
Now you can run the same interface across your entire factory, on smart cameras and PC based vision applications offering complete scalability.
Please find here the NeuroCheck Compact camera data sheet.

New Smart Camera with FPGA for High-speed Machine Vision

Razer CamThe RazerCam by EVT (EyeVision Technology) is a fast smart camera with a user programmable FPGA, which allows data to be preprocessed in real time. Because the FPGA is available, even complex applications such as contour matching can be directly processed. Based on the XILINX ZYNQ SoC, the camera comes equipped with two ARM Cores.
The RazerCam series is available in three

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