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Visit FSI Advanced Research in booth # 2605 at SouthTec 2019 to learn about the latest in machine vision technologies, featuring deep learning and 3D. FSI brings the right technology, engineering expertise and advanced analytics to help clients achieve quality performance and experience greater value. Greenville Convention Center, October 22-24. For more information, click here.

BGA Inspection with EyeScan AT 3D from EVT

BGA Inspection with EyeScan AT 3D from EVTThe EyeScan AT 3D sensor – together with EyeVision image processing software can inspect the correct position of pins and check for the quality and position of balls on a Ball-Grid-Array. The connectors of BGAs can be inspected with the 3D sensor for various characteristics up to an accuracy of a micrometer (µm).

Thanks to the Scheimpflug-projection, the laser line stays focused and distortion-free. Even in a high-speed application, the captured images have a high resolution, and no lens distortion correction is needed. Every single bump of the BGA is inspected for its size and shape up to a µm-accuracy.

The EyeScan AT utilizes precision laser line measurement (or laser triangulation). The camera views a laser line, which is projected onto the component (in this case: the BGA) and calculates the height information from the laser line profile.

Utilizing a precision blue laser and on board FPGA the EyeScan AT 3D is capable of over 20,000 profiles per second with very high resolution to capture even the finest details. Additionally, the High Dynamic Range algorithm with threefold exposure allows inspection of bright and dark objects in the same scan without loss of speed.

3D image information is processed by the powerful EyeVision software which is programmed though an intuitive drag and drop interface.

EyeVision 3 with Thermal Imaging Command Set

infrarot screenshot
EVT has developed a command set for thermal imaging with their EyeVision3 software.
Now even complex applications for the thermal imaging area can be solved quite easily via drag-and-drop programming. The supported cameras are the Optris Infrared camera and the Axx Series from FLIR.infrarot screenshot SMD baustein
Typical applications include the automotive industry for inspection of crude steel quality; the cement industry for the inspection of the efficiency of revolving cylindrical furnace; the food and beverage industry, in bottling plants or in production, transport, storage and selling of perishable products.
In addition to the new command set, the user has the complete command set of the EyeVision software at their disposal: starting with the process connection via PLC and network integration up to image management.
With the GUI Designer, the user can create his own user interface, either as a native system or via the integrated webserver for controlling over the network or internet.

EVT Software adds even more 3D vision tools!

The latest version of EVT Software (V2_6_022) features even more 3D vision tool options. Within the 3D toolset, users can select 3D Control, Min/Max, Plane, Region of Interest, Sphere, Calculate Volume, Diagram and Distance. The result is a leading edge vision program that can inspect a wide variety of products with 3D capabilities.