EVT Software offers the SmartMatch tool for locating/identifying objects

EVT LogoEyeVision machine-vision software contains a tool entitled “SmartMatch” that is ideal for locating/identifying objects. Specifically, this tool will find and recognize objects based on their graphic profile, shape and outline and inspect that object based on the characteristics and features that are defined by the user. With one click, it is possible to configure an object, identify its rotation position and determine whether or not it corresponds with the original. This command adapts seamlessly into the EVT software, simplifies many of the measuring and inspection tasks usually required and is extremely fast, making it an ideal choice for high-speed applications. It also makes complicated inspection systems, such as part sorting and stamped part inspection, easier and faster to accomplish. For more information about the latest EyeVision software techniques, contact us at customerservice@fsinet.com.

EVT Software adds even more 3D vision tools!

The latest version of EVT Software (V2_6_022) features even more 3D vision tool options. Within the 3D toolset, users can select 3D Control, Min/Max, Plane, Region of Interest, Sphere, Calculate Volume, Diagram and Distance. The result is a leading edge vision program that can inspect a wide variety of products with 3D capabilities.

Product News: FSI/EVT ChipEye 5-Side

In collaboration with our partners, EyeVision Technologies, FSI is proud to announce our “ChipEye 5-Side” inspection system. This system is designed to inspect components from 5 different angles (top and four sides) at the same time. When used in combination with a specialized software solution, “Chip Control”, this unit is uniquely suited to inspect semiconductor parts.  It has a robust, industrial-strength frame and features a 5-megapixel camera that can detect even the tiniest of defects and measurements equal to a micrometer. A standard model supports an image field of 5 x 5 mm, accuracy up to 1 micrometer and resolution of 640 x 480. If you think this system sounds appropriate for your application, please consider speaking with one of our Engineers about it at 630-932-9380.

Product News: FSI/EVT EyeCheck Smart Camera

FSI/EVT’s latest Smart Camera, the EyeCheck has a CPU core based on state of the art ARM technology with up to 1 GHz target clock and image processing acceleration by DSP. It has a Linux operating system with GUI. In addition, this tiny vision system has:
EVT EyeCheck Smart Camera

  • Compact size – card-sized
  • Global shutter CMOS and CCD-Sensors
  • VGA, WideVGA up to 5 Megapixel grayscale and color sensors
  • Memory: DDR Ram 512 MB
  • I/O Interface has SPS 2 In/4-Out with option of 4-In/8-Out
  • VGA Monitor, RS232, USB 2.0
  • Lenses: S-mount with option CS-mount, s-mount or motorzoom
  • Illumination: Optional LED ring light in a variety of colors

If you are interested in more information about the EyeCheck Smart Camera, call 630-932-9380.