BrainLight QC – Back Light

BrainLight QC - Back LightEVT (EyeVision Technology) introduces the newest back light of the BrainLight smart illumination series. The BrainLight QC for industrial use can be adjusted to almost any machine vision application.
The LEDs of the intelligent back light can illuminate in red, green, blue and white. There is a diffusor plate in front of the LEDs, so that the light spreads evenly over the object. There are 48 full-color LEDs, which are arranged in a tight grid.
The user can choose any of the four available colors, and the LEDs can be switched on row by row. Light sequences can be programmed and played successively. The light can be dimmed, or work in complete brightness; even a flash mode is possible.
The BrainLight QC is 30 x 40 mm in size and has an input voltage of +24V. It is modularly expansible; LED rows can be added, depending on the application. Additionally, the QC back light has highly efficient switches, which guarantee minimal heat development.

BrainLight R for a smart illumination

BrainLight R for a smart illumination
The BrainLight R is a smart ring light developed by EVT. This LED illumination is easily configurable and has a RS232 connection for industrial use. With this light any combination of illumination patterns can be created. Additionally, the light not only regulates the illumination patterns, but also controls that the camera captures only one image per illumination scene.

Programmed patterns, called Frames, can be saved and can be automatically reloaded after each restart. The ring light is equipped with a RS232 or TTL UART interface and power supply of +5V or 12-24V.

There are also predefined light patterns available and the possibility to regulate the brightness of the LEDs. The ring light is divided into 8 segments, each with 3 LEDs. Each segment can be controlled individually and dimmed in its intensity.

The control for the camera is done via strobe, and a PlugIn for EyeVision software makes the illumination completely graphically programmable.

V3 Ring light by EVT

V3 Ring light by EVTThe V3 ring light by EVT is a configurable LED illumination for industrial usage with an RS232 connection. The V3 can display any kind of lighting pattern and can be controlled via a trigger input or optionally via RS232 interface.

Programmed patterns can be saved and automatically reloaded after each restart.

The ring light is equipped with a RS232 or TTL UART interface and power supply of +5V or 12-24V. Additionally the ring light is separated into 8 segments, each with 3 LEDs. Each of these segments can be controlled individually and dimmed in intensity.

Machine Vision new look

MV HomeWe’ve improved the Machine Vision side of the FSI website and are sure you’ll be pleased with the results. On the newly designed Machine Vision Home Page, you’ll find information about FSI’s products and services including hardware and software, solutions and complete systems, research, engineering and training. We’ve added more detailed spec sheets on our application specific systems. You’ll find additional downloads, data sheets and brochures on the Downloads page. You can check out the component options available in machine vision Lighting, Lenses and Cameras. Finally, there is even an expanded section of the site dedicated to NeuroCheck Software. This includes detailed case studies and Service Pack downloads from years past. Spend some time browsing this side of the FSI website (, you’ll be glad you did!

FSI Machine Vision – High Frequency Florescent or LED?

High Frequency Florescent or LEDA properly engineered lighting solution is one of the most important components of an automatic inspection system. Manufacturers often wonder what type of light will do the best job. LED lights have become a popular choice for machine vision lighting in recent years for a variety of reasons:

  • Bright, targeted light is emitted
  • Light never fades, bulbs rarely burn out
  • Ideal for applications that need a light with a high cycling rate

However, often times the wiser choice is to go with a high-frequency fluorescent light. Advantages to this type of light are:

  • More economical
  • Bright, uniform light over a larger emissive area

The type of inspection you are doing, the differences you are attempting to highlight and your overall budget will lead you towards the ideal light for your solution. For more information about machine vision lighting, visit