EyeVision supports DALSA cameras – all at once with Multi-Instance

DALSA Genie camera and many more are now supported by EyeVision

The Genie GigE series and others by DALSA are now supported in EyeVision software.

In addition, EyeVision offers a new feature, where with only one instance several cameras or sensors can be operated at the same time. Computers with more than one core can operate more than one camera per instance. The cameras can run different inspection programs but only use one EyeVision license. In short: One EyeVision license, several instances and several cameras per instance. And it does not matter if the cameras have different interfaces (GigE, USB, RS232, etc.), are 2D or 3D cameras, or have color or grey scale sensors.

Multi Instance overviewWith this function the user might consider using EyeMultiView. It can display up to 16 camera views and evaluation images on one screen. With that many instances and cameras running at the same time, the display functionality of EyeMultiView makes monitoring easier for the user.

For example, one camera can run pattern matching for error detection on a label and on the second camera the inspection for closed package. On the third camera the color inspection and the fourth one can read the bar code. EyeVision Parallel ProcessingWith the Multi-Instance you only need one license for all this. All is now possible with DALSA cameras and as always, the inspection programs can be created with the drag-and-drop function and in the graphical user interface where the user can switch between the different projects and programs.

EyeSens Robotic for a Robot Vision solution in only a few clicks!

Smart Vision Sensor with commands for robot control

EyeSens RoboticEVT has now added the new EyeSens Robotic to the Smart Vision Sensor System EyeSens.

It is now possible to directly control a UR “Universal Robot” with the new software add-on with only a few clicks. With the EyeSens smart vision sensors the user can easily create a complex pick and place application. The Robotic add-on in combination with the EyeSens Match allows every user, beginners as well as advanced users, to solve pick and place applications with a UR robot.

The support of other robots with the EyeSens Vision Sensors will be possible in the near future.

The EyeSens Vision Sensors contain the command set based on EyeVision software which contains hundreds of tools including the KeyMatch (pattern matching) and Blob (object detection) commands.

Precise Measurement of Holes and EVT Support of Various 3D Sensors

The measurement of holes and the determination of their position is a special challenge. EyeVision 3D software offers precise 3D measurements with more than 40 specialized commands.

In the case of sheet metal components, it is possible to capture the whole component geometry in a high-resolution point cloud by using visual 3D metrology. A precise metrology command set allows correctly defining various measurements in a point cloud and their coordinates in relation to other results with only a few commands.
Typical characteristics such as hole patterns, cut/trimming, and resilience on edge laps of car bodies can also be measured exactly.

For the inspection of weld seams, as well as adhesive beads, EyeVision 3D software uses the ProfileMatch command. Just a simple parametrization allows the evaluation of profiles and issues an analysis of the detected defect. A detailed protocol for all measurement results can be issued with just a few mouse clicks.

With the complete command set of EyeVision software it is possible to configure the application with 2D cameras and 3D sensors. For example, the point cloud can be displayed as 2½D image, and read an embossed or engraved lettering with a 2D OCR module. This is useful when reading DOT code on a tire or stamped numbers in metal.

EVT image processing software supports various 3D sensors of different technologies, including: AT Automation Technology, Gocator from LMI, Basler ToF, Wenglor, QuellTech, ShapeDrive, Zivid, etc (see table below).

3D Technology EyeVision 3D supported Maker
Stereo RealSense
Time of Flight Basler ToF
Shape-by-Shading ShapeDrive
Lasertriangulation AT Automation Technology
LMI (Gocator)
3D cameras PhotoFocus

More 3D sensors which will be supported by EyeVision 3D are about to follow.

BGA Inspection with EyeScan AT 3D from EVT

BGA Inspection with EyeScan AT 3D from EVTThe EyeScan AT 3D sensor – together with EyeVision image processing software can inspect the correct position of pins and check for the quality and position of balls on a Ball-Grid-Array. The connectors of BGAs can be inspected with the 3D sensor for various characteristics up to an accuracy of a micrometer (µm).

Thanks to the Scheimpflug-projection, the laser line stays focused and distortion-free. Even in a high-speed application, the captured images have a high resolution, and no lens distortion correction is needed. Every single bump of the BGA is inspected for its size and shape up to a µm-accuracy.

The EyeScan AT utilizes precision laser line measurement (or laser triangulation). The camera views a laser line, which is projected onto the component (in this case: the BGA) and calculates the height information from the laser line profile.

Utilizing a precision blue laser and on board FPGA the EyeScan AT 3D is capable of over 20,000 profiles per second with very high resolution to capture even the finest details. Additionally, the High Dynamic Range algorithm with threefold exposure allows inspection of bright and dark objects in the same scan without loss of speed.

3D image information is processed by the powerful EyeVision software which is programmed though an intuitive drag and drop interface.

DMC and QR Code Reading with EyeSens Vision Sensors

EyeSens-KopieThe EyeSens DMC Code Reader from EVT is a compact vision sensor with integrated lens and illumination. There are three different resolutions: 736 x 480, 1024 x 768 and 1280 x 1024 pixels. The EyeSens has a 1/3“ CMOS sensor and interfaces with Ethernet, RS232 and RS422. The lens can be in 6, 12 or 25 mm.

The EyeSens DMC can also be equipped with the QR-code reader command. The codes are evaluated by EyeVision image processing software. The drag-and-drop programming does not require programming skills and the code reader command is easy to adjust in the graphical user interface. The user can also design their own interface, using the process mode.


New EyeSens ZQ Vision Sensor with powerful ZYNQ hardware

New EyeSens ZQ Vision Sensor With Powerful ZYNQ hardwareThe EyeSens ZQ vision sensors from EVT are much smaller than the standard EyeSens sensor. Despite the miniature design, they are powerful, due to the ZYNQ processor with dual Core ARM, and can solve image processing tasks faster than common vision sensors. Because of its small size, light weight and integrated lighting, the EyeSens ZQ is well suited for locations such as a robot arm.
Suitable applications are:

  • Code reading (DMC, QR, Barcode)
  • OCR/ OCV
  • Color Inspection
  • Measurement Technology
  • Pattern Matching / Contour Matching for Robot Vision
  • Counting Objects

The EyeSens ZQ is available with EyeSens software as well as the complete EyeVision software platform. Additionally, the camera features the option of an integrated FPGA, which is important for the fast preprocessing of image information.
The creation of an inspection program is also very easy with the drag-and-drop graphical user interface; there are no programming skills needed.

EyeSens with OPC Support

EyeSens with OPC SupportThe EyeSens systems from EVT can now also serve as an OPC (Open Platform Communications) server. The OPC standard allows the EyeSens sensors and the EyeVision software to function as OPC server. Detected data such as measured values are now easily sent to a client. The user can determine which data should be sent to the OPC client using the standard interfaces, RS232 or Ethernet. As with other EyeVision software operations, the OPC integration is possible with the drag-and-drop function.
An example would be the EyeSens Bottle Inspect (BI) measures the fill level and sends this data via OPC to the SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system. Based on this measured data the SCADA system can regulate the fill level and also display the data graphically.

EyeSens Vision Sensors now with Profinet option

EyeSens Vision SensorsIn Addition to EtherNet/IP, the EyeSens vision sensors by EVT now also support the field bus standard Profinet IO. This allows communicate with both of the most common communication standards of industrial Ethernet.
With Profinet, it is possible to create solutions for product engineering, process automation, building automation as well as the whole spectrum of the drive and control technology or synchronous motion-control-applications.
For the EyeSens vision sensors, conformity class A (CC-A) was used. This class makes fast real time communication and control possible. All functions of the discrete Inputs and Outputs (Trigger, handshake as well as all results) can be communicated via Profinet.
The time and effort of installations are reduced considerably with Profinet, especially in big plants with numerous sensors and actuators. First, there is no need for the complex IO-cabling of every single sensor. Secondly, the network integration is configured easily via drag-and-drop-function.
The EyeSens vision sensors contain specific EyeVision commands and are available for various applications such as OCR/OCV or bar code reading, object detection, pattern matching, measurement technology, color control, etc. The compact cameras are equipped with either lens and illumination or as a C-Mount version.