NeuroCheck Training in November

NeuroCheckJoin the engineers of FSI Technologies Inc. for our next round of Machine Vision/NeuroCheck software training. Classes will run November 5-7th in the western Chicago suburbs. Material covered will include machine vision “basics”, an overview of system hardware, lighting and lens selection, as well as NeuroCheck software tools, programming and example applications. For more information about our seminars contact FSI Customer Service at 1-800-468-6009 or go to

Service Pack 6 for NeuroCheck 6.0 now available for download

The sixth service pack for NeuroCheck 6.0 is now available. It introduces several new features making the software more powerful and flexible. Furthermore SP6 offers a large number of improvements that speed  up automatic operation and make your daily work with NeuroCheck even more efficient. For more info. click

SP 6  for NC 6.0

Running NeuroCheck 6.0 on Windows 8

Running NC 6.0 on Windows 8As expected, due to its modern software architecture, NeuroCheck 6.0 installs and runs smoothly on Windows 8. As on Windows 7, it shows good run-time performance and RAM requirements.

However, despite successful testing, NeuroCheck does not recommend using Windows 8 for the time being. The reason, from their point of view, is the poor usability of Windows 8 on desktop and industrial PCs.

NeuroCheck 6.0 – Upgraded Matching Capabilities

NeuroCheck LogoMany people recognize NeuroCheck as a pioneer in rotary template matching for machine vision. NeuroCheck 6.0 features upgrades to this tool that make the software even more powerful. Specifically, the software can not only locate randomly oriented objects, it can locate the object, move/orient tools for inspection and transmit the mathematical data associated with the adjustment of the tool to subsequent tools being used in the inspection. As a result, multiple steps in the program (which were previously required) are now unnecessary, making for a smarter, simpler inspection program. Thank you NeuroCheck 6.0!