FSI/ Kwangwoo hollowshaft encoders continue to be a popular choice in 2012

Kwangwoo hollowshaft EncoderFSI/ Kwangwoo hollowshaft encoders continue to be a popular item in 2012. Encoders convert motion into digital information for display or control based on motion variables such as position, speed, length, RPM, etc. The advantage to using a hollowshaft encoder is that access to the end of a shaft is unnecessary. The encoder simply slides over the shaft and is mounted on it like a doughnut (as pictured). For more information, visit

Spring Cleaning!

Spring may be the perfect season to clean out the shop and take stock of all the unnecessary or unusable products you have on-hand.  If those products include old encoders, counters or sensors – FSI Technologies Inc. may be able to repair or replace those valuable products, saving you time and money in the long run.  Avoid unnecessary “downtime” by keeping spare, functioning products your machinery needs on the shelf.