Crown Cap Inspection with EyeVision Image Processing Software

Crown Cap Inspection with EyeVision Image Processing Software

EyeVision software contains commands for various measurement technology applications, for pattern matching, for code reading, for object counting as well as error detection such as scratches, holes, cracks, contaminations, printing or color errors, etc., which makes it ideally suited for use in the bottling industry.  

Crown Cap Inspection with EyeVision Image Processing Software

EyeVision software can inspect the fill level, detect if bottles are without caps, or check the correct position of the label. It also offers the opportunity to inspect using 3D, for example, to check that the cap is installed properly.  

EyeVision software supports various 3D sensors such as the EyeScan AT 3D and contains commands for evaluating point clouds and grayscale images. The EyeScan AT 3D has a profile resolution of up to 4096 points/profiles (4k Ultra-HD) and integrated 3D evaluation algorithms with up to 25 kHz and a robust enclosure with IP67 and M12 connectors.

FSI Advanced Research will be exhibiting at the 2016 SC Manufacturing Conference and Expo

FSI Advanced Research will be exhibiting at the 2016 South Carolina Manufacturing Conference and Expo

FSI Advanced Research will be exhibiting at the 2016 South Carolina Manufacturing Conference and Expo, April 20-21, at the TD Convention Center in Greenville, SC. Join manufacturing professionals from across the Southeastern U.S. to discuss the latest manufacturing trends and topics, and immerse yourself in manufacturing culture. Also stop by booth #122 to learn the latest in machine vision technologies from FSI Advanced Research, including 3D and Deep Learning.

What is a Machine Vision ArchitectSM?

FSI Machine Vision ArchitectAs with a building architect, a Machine Vision ArchitectSM is the one professional person who is equipped by education, training and experience to guide you through the design and construction of your vision application.

A Machine Vision ArchitectSM will consider your functional needs, your budget, and restrictions of your site, while applying engineering, lighting, and optic principles, and the latest imaging technologies to design a solution for you.

An architect will bring you an independent and fresh look at your needs and suggest creative ways of meeting those needs. He or she will be able to save you time, money, and navigate around typical vision pitfalls

A building architect uses a “blueprint” to record the design plan and other technical aspects of what the finished product should be.  In similar fashion, FSI Machine Vision ArchitectsSM use the VAS (Vision Application Specification) form to record all the technical aspects of the application and the desired outcome. This form is the blueprint that is used to build and engineer the final solution.

Successful projects result from clients and architects who form good professional relationships early in the design process, and are nourished by clear communication, mutually understood expectations, and a willingness of both client and architect to understand and accept their responsibilities for realizing a successful project.

A successful project is one that responds to your needs, built on time, within budget, and contributes to the quality of your products, services and/or company.

Let FSI be your Machine Vision ArchitectSM and work with you toward an Assured Path to Success TM.

Track & Trace for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Track & Trace for the Pharmaceutical IndustryEVT presents the new Track and Trace image processing system for the pharmaceutical industry. EyeTrace was developed to prevent forged pharmaceutical products from entering the supply chain and assures the traceability of the drugs.

EyeTrace, using an industrial camera and EyeVision image processing software, can detect more than the human eye. EyeTrace makes the inspection of security features on the packaging easier and can identify every single package.

Track & Trace for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Eye Vision can also read codes: bar code, QR, or DMC. With the code reader function, EyeTrace can read:

  • Code of the drug maker
  • serial number
  • A national number for the reimbursement of costs
  • Charge number
  • Expiration date

Besides the code reader function, EyeTrace can be extended with other commands within the EyeVision software tool set.

EyeCheck Thermo in New Housing

EyeCheck Thermo in New HousingThe first intelligent thermal imaging camera – EyeCheck Thermo from EVT – is now available with protection class IP65 or IP67, making it optimally suited for industrial use.

Inside the compact housing is a user programmable FPGA. The integrated ZYNQ board is available for application programming. It is also possible to use different ZYNQ boards, corresponding to the needs of the application.

EyeCheck Thermo in New HousingThe EyeCheck Thermo has eight 24v inputs and eight 24v outputs. By using the additional thermal command set, complex applications for the thermal imaging area can be solved quite easily via drag-and-drop-programming.

Detecting Packaging Flaws with EyeVision

Detecting Packaging Flaws with EyeVisionTo present food neat and appealing for the customer, flawless packaging is very important. The wrapping is not only to protect the product during transport; packaging also is important in the placement of the product on supermarket shelves.

Detecting Packaging Flaws with EyeVisionIn one current application, EVT’s EyeCheck 1xxx series was used to inspect bags of separately wrapped candies to make sure that they did not slip into the heat-sealed ends of the bag. With the drag-and-drop functionality of the software, the customer can easily create their own inspection program without programming skills. Additionally, the user can add color inspection commands to the software and then the candies can also be inspected for the correct colors.


EyeSens with OPC Support

EyeSens with OPC SupportThe EyeSens systems from EVT can now also serve as an OPC (Open Platform Communications) server. The OPC standard allows the EyeSens sensors and the EyeVision software to function as OPC server. Detected data such as measured values are now easily sent to a client. The user can determine which data should be sent to the OPC client using the standard interfaces, RS232 or Ethernet. As with other EyeVision software operations, the OPC integration is possible with the drag-and-drop function.
An example would be the EyeSens Bottle Inspect (BI) measures the fill level and sends this data via OPC to the SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system. Based on this measured data the SCADA system can regulate the fill level and also display the data graphically.

EyeVision 3.1.12 LTS – Image Processing Software Now With Profinet

EyeVision 3.1.12 LTS - Image Processing Software Now With ProfinetEyeVision image processing software 3.1.12 LTS now supports Profinet and an SQL data base, making it ready for Industry 4.0. Besides the revised color inspection commands, the Code Reader was also extended (DMC, bar code, QR, etc.).

The complete EyeVision command set is available and the system can be used for measurement technology, code reading, OCR/OCV, object detection, surface and color inspection, pattern matching, 3D and Robot Vision, etc. Using the Graphical User Interface (GUI), inspection programs can be put together by selecting the graphical tools and commands.

The new EyeVision 3.1.12 has added commands for 3D measurement and filter commands directly available. Current EyeVision users will find that the toolbox is better arranged. Self-arranged commands can be integrated into the EyeVision GUI which simplifies the process of putting together an inspection program.