Is your maintenance staff still in the dark?

IndicoderFSI Technologies has shed some light on the problem! The “Indicoder” option is available exclusively on all FSI cube type encoders (ESE, RSE, HDE, etc*). With this option, LEDs are located directly on the body of the encoder that flash as the shaft is turned to instantly verify correct output operation. This indicator will make set-up quick and easy and would also aid in troubleshooting (if that ever becomes necessary). Just ask for the “Indicoder” option when ordering your FSI cube encoder. (*formerly known as Fork Standards encoders)

New line of counters in the 2013 FSI Product Guide

FSI Quasar CountersThe latest 2013 Product Guide from FSI features a new line of full-featured bi-directional and programmable counters. The Quasar family of digital counters offers 2 non-sequential presets and 2 outputs for flexibility in use on a wide variety of applications. Once installed, units are waterproof and durable enough for use in manufacturing. Quasar encounters work well with Fork Standard encoders as well as many other types of automated controls. To find the counter that best suits your needs, review our latest product guide at

Heavy Duty Encoders (HDE) work well for grimy manufacturing processes

The HDE model of Fork Standards encoders is uniquely suited to work well in wet or grimy manufacturing environments. This encoder has an extra-rugged and fully-sealed cube housing. The unit features double shaft seals which prevent mechanical damage to the bearings and seal the shaft against dry or liquid contaminants. To find out more about our HDE model of encoder, visit